Illustration for article titled Keep Those Dirty Texts Away From the Missus in the Secret Loky Android App

Not only does Loky provide users with a secret address book for contacts you wish to hide away, but it also redirects texts to the app, so they don't appear in the usual messages app. This could be dangerous...


While it's only available for Android at the moment, Loky is planning on launching apps for the iPhone, BlackBerry, Nokia and Windows Phone 7 platforms. All of the data contained with the app—such as the phone numbers, texts, and even pictures and video—are password-protected, so there shouldn't be any danger of someone discovering your dirty little secret.

Possibly the best thing about it is the shake-to-close feature, which shuts the app down once shaken, if someone comes up and surprised you while you're busy sexting. The app costs £3, which is about $4.70. Privacy pays, it appears. [Loky via Recombu]

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