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If you're afraid of, or just annoyed by, the concept of Windows 8's Metro (well formerly Metro, but whatever) UI style, there's a handy way around it. RetroUI is a program that will take users directly to the Classic desktop after login, and even lock Metro away completely.


There have been several ways to get around using the new-style menu, but Microsoft hasn't been particularly keen giving users the opportunity, if they can avoid it. Still, RetroUI works on the RTM builds of Windows 8. With some of the settings, RetroUI users can use the classic desktop primarily, but still pull up Metro if they need/want to. A third setting lets you disable the whole thing, Hot corners, charms, everything. But you have to be careful with that, as it can strand you without a start menu.

RetroUI offers a free trial, after which a license (for up to three personal computers) is $4.95. It's available for businesses too, but at the slightly higher cost of $4.95 to $9.95 per PC. It seems like a long way to go just to avoid Metro, but when Windows 8 starts coming installed on new computers, something like this may be your only option other than learning it, or perhaps more accurately, painstakingly teaching it to grandma. [RetroUI via Mashable]

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