KEF's Wireless 5.1 Speakers Still Like Wires

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We give props to KEF for coming out with a wireless 5.1 speaker system (KHT5005.2W), but before you rearrange your living room, you should know that the speakers still need to be tethered to a wireless receiver (there's two receivers, one for the front and rear satellites).


Does that still sound wireless to you? If so, maybe you won't mind the ridiculous $2,600 price tag. For that kinda money, I'll keep my wires.

Product Page [via Sci Fi Tech]

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Even "real" wireless speakers still have to be plugged into the AC outlet right? (speakers with batteries would just be lousy)

In my book, it seems pretty likely that you're not going to have AC outlets right where you want your speakers...and it'd be easier/cheaper to hide some speaker wire than to have some new AC outlets installed. If you were going to have new AC outlets installed right next to where you want your speakers, I think it'd probably still be cheaper just to run the speaker wire through the walls. With this in mind, anybody want to tell me what the point of wireless speakers for a *permanent* home theater is?

I mean, I can understand the convenience of wireless speakers if you want to throw the occasional party outside, and you just want to be able to plop the speakers down and run an extension cord. But how does "wireless" make anything simpler, cheaper, or less cluttered in an indoor 5.1 setup?