Kenwood Media Keg HD30GB9: It's Got an Amp

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Kenwood hasn't exactly broken through the digital audio player market here in the U.S., but its woefully named HD30GB9 appears to have enough features to at least let it compete with all the non-iPods out there. Users load songs onto the 30GB hard hard using Windows Media Player 10 or Kenwood's own groovy software. While it doesn't support FLAC like some digital audio players are starting to do more often, it does support "Kenwood Lossless audio files" (and MP3 and WMA). Odds on that format sticking around long enough to be worth converting your entire digital audio library?


Even though the 2.2-inch, 240x329 screen is nice enough to look at, don't expect to be viewing any videos on it, since the HD30GB9 doesn't support video.

The HD30GB9, built-in amplifier and all, will hit Japanese stores by the end of the month for an "open" price.


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