Teclast TL-29 PMP: Pretty Face, Pure of Heart

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Teclast's R&D division has come up with the TL-T29, a portable media player that actually is pretty eye-pleasing. Also appreciated is that it supports so many gosh darn codecs, including the usual (MP3, WMA, etc.) and the esoteric (FLAC and Ogg). It does all of this with a 2.0-inch, 220x176-pixel resolution window to the world. You'll also find Teclast RBS Surround Sound and Teclast Stone3D Surround Sound. I guess "Gimmicky Audio Trickery" was already taken by some other company.

Battery life is expected to be in the 15-hour range for this portable media player, or PMP as the kids say. The 4GB version will retail for $125 when it comes out.


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