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Zune HD Firmware Update Bringing XviD and Streaming Playlists In Spring

Illustration for article titled Zune HD Firmware Update Bringing XviD and Streaming Playlists In Spring

A firmware update will bring two great features to the Zune HD this spring. The first is native XviD support, which is self-explanatory. The second requires just a tad more explanation.


The Smart DJ feature, now on the Zune's PC software, will make its way to the HD, offering on the fly track suggestions. That's OK—pretty similar to the iPod's Genius features—but what will make the feature great is that Smart DJ will also work over the Zune HD's Wi-Fi connection, allowing you to stream these suggested tracks from the cloud (instead of needing to have all that suggested music stored on the device already).

Good stuff. [CNET via SlashGear]

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The zune experience is one of the most underrated products today. The zune software is sleek, elegant, fast, and very very easy to use with some great features (easily wins over itunes because there is almost no bloat to it).

And the zune HD?? It's wonderful. It's the best touch screen device I have ever used. The crystal clear screen is a joy to look at and the graphics are beyond compare for a pmp.

They really should make a mac version though (not that, that effects me, but I think everyone should be able to enjoy this device and escape the itunes/ipod monopoly).