Ketchup and Mustard Dispenser Are Grosser than Gross

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There's something terribly wrong and at the same time impossibly charming about these Ketchup Charlie and Mustard Marvin spread heads. They are even better on video:

For $4 each, the Peter Pan in me can't resist the urge to buy. And squeeze. [Perpetual Kid and Perpetual Kid via Walyou]

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Every once in a while, some poor company, through no fault of its own, ends up with a product which subsequent historical events render unmarketable.

Remember the weight loss pill called AYDS? Not the manufacturers fault that doctors subsequently labeled a newly discovered disease with an almost identical name.

For me, I can't look at these things without seeing the blood streaming from Neda's mouth and nose last week. So I could never buy them. Perhaps someday after the memory has faded a little, but I doubt it.