Kid Who Sued Amazon Wins, Kindle Now Safer Place for Your Books

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The kid who sued Amazon for eating his homework just won in court, to the tune of $150,000.


Yep, remember the kid who had his notes from George Orwell's 1984 deleted along with Amazon's mass eradication of the work from all Kindles? That little mofo just won in court, splitting a $150,000 settlement with a co-plaintiff and the law firm, which will be donating its portion to charity.

As much as this sounds like a Disney live action film from the 1990s (you can just see Jeff Bezos portrayed caricature-like by Paul Giamatti, can't you?), the real outcome is that Amazon no longer can just do what it wants to content on Kindles, just because it owns that content. According to the settlement:

Amazon will not remotely delete or modify such Works from Devices purchased and being used in the United States unless (a) the user consents to such deletion or modification; (b) the user requests a refund for the Work or otherwise fails to pay for the Work (e.g., if a credit or debit card issuer declines to remit payment); (c) a judicial or regulatory order requires such deletion or modification; or (d) deletion or modification is reasonably necessary to protect the consumer or the operation of a Device or network through which the Device communicates (e.g., to remove harmful code embedded within a copy of a Work downloaded to a Device).

TechFlash has more details and links to a ton of bonus legal mumbo jumbo, so check it out. [TechFlash]


Yeah, because it's the government's job to determine what Amazon can do with their own content on their own device. Thanks government, you've done such a great job with wars, saving up our taxes, and not being socialist, we were just all waiting until you would go over big bad evil Amazon, who actually made a PROFIT while you were spending our taxes to catch mosquitos in the same area as a Senator's summer house. We can all trust you to do what's best for us and the economy, government.