Kids Can Finally Play Out Quint's Death Scene From Jaws

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It’s one of the more terrifying scenes in Spielberg’s thriller that made us all afraid to go in the water, and now kids can re-enact Quint’s death scene from Jaws whenever they want with this new playset from Funko.


The set is part of the company’s ReAction line, which features collectibles that hearken back to a simpler time in toys when action figures didn’t have much in terms of detailing or articulation. So while Quint barely looks like Robert Shaw, his blood all over the Bruce the great white shark at least looks pretty authentic. The set is also only available as a San Diego Comic-Con exclusive, which means you’ll have to be on the floor at the actual show to get one and play out Quint’s bloody demise. [Funko via Toy News International]

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Do kids still know about Jaws? Even Universal Studios got rid of the ride a few years back (which was cheesy, but awesome). Though, I assume kids would still be entertained by a “shark attacks man” toy regardless of Jaws movie knowledge.