Kids Suspended for Finding Teacher's Dirty Pics on School iPad

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As a teacher, what you do with your time and your iPhone camera and your body outside of school are your own business. But if you do happen to take sexxxy pictures of yourself at home, it may not be the best idea to upload them to iCloud. Why not, you ask. Because if you do, four of your students will borrow the school iPad associated with your iCloud account, open up iPhoto, and be scarred for life at having been exposed to your grownup boobs.

Oh, and they'll be suspended. Because that makes sense.

The incident described above is not, shockingly enough, just a hypothetical; it happened earlier this week at Highland Middle School in Anderson, Indiana. And while it seems like a simple misunderstanding—especially since the pictures in question weren't totally topless—four seventh grade boys are facing harsh punishments for tripping into the wrong app rabbit hole.


As the Herald Bulletin reports:

[Assistant Superintendent Beth] Clark said iPads are new for teachers this year, and Monday's incident will cause ACS to establish stricter protocols in connection with students having access to school-owned computers and the capability of those devices to connect to personally-owned Apple products.

So just to clarify: the school openly doesn't know how iPads work or how to regulate them, but is suspending four of its students for... not knowing how iPads work. Or, even worse, for knowing how to use them better than their supervisors.

Okay, sounds good! Looks like classrooms are ready for iPads after all. At least there's some comfort that—if middle school is anything like it was in the 90s—they'll be given a hero's welcome when they return.[Herald Bulletin via Reddit via Geekosystem]


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Shame on you Gizmodo. When I read a story containing the words "dirty pics," I want to see a link to the damned dirty pics!