Kingmax Super StickIt's Fashionable?

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It seems that the concept of USB flash drives as earrings has popped up around the blogosphere more than a couple times. Naturally, like any normal human being, I took this as a joke until I was finally able to hunt down the source of this infinite jest, the Kingmax marketing chumps. Check it out from the press release regarding their new flash drive.

As the world s lightest and thinnest portable USB flash drive, the Super Stick is convenient enough for consumers to carry anywhere, and its trendy design makes it a great mobile phone strap accessory, necklace or earring, and it can even be stored in a wallet. All dressed up and ready to go? Don t forget your Kingmax Super Stick!


See, they are completely serious about wearing USB flash drives as fashion accessories. Anyway, this is the world's lightest and thinnest USB flash drive. It measures 1.5 inches by .5 inches by .07 inches thick, it transfers at 20MB/sec, is water proof, and can hold up to 2GB of data.

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