Knitted Lego Minifig Will Replace My Teddy Bear

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Oh Lego Minifig, you were perfect in your plastic symmetry and Mona Lisa smile before. But now that you've been knitted, I just want to hug you. Unfortunately, you can't buy this right away. You'll have to do it yourself:

Some Assembly Required is a pattern that will enable you to make an adorable toy that can be taken apart and put together again. The head, torso, and legs are independent pieces, so you could make multiple pieces in different colors and they would be interchangeable.

I've included a tutorial on boxes and edges so you can make nice crisp corners. The tutorial isn't necessary to make the toy, but it may be helpful.

OK, people from Etsy, I'm too lazy. Go knit! [Fight Knitting Club—thanks Kimberly]

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I must have a knitted minifig, but fuck-all if I want to take my hand at knitting, lest I want something akin to a LEGOland aborted fetus. I think I may have to shmooze some old lady to knit this for me, but I don't want to sink as low as Max Bialystock did in The Producers....

or do I?....