Koloroo Come Up With a Pair of Widgets for Your iPod

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Two gadgets for your iPod from newbies Koloroo. The $4.99 TipKalc can work out how much you need to leave for that nice waiter who spat in your soup after you complained it was cold (my tip for that is a fat zero and a slap in the chops). It can also calculate how to split your bill, as long as there are not more than five of you at the table. Might as well use your cellphone calculator, IMHO - it is free, after all.


For $7.99, the KolorWheel (what is it with the overuse of the letter K here? Enough already.) gives you access to thousands of "scientifically formulated"* color schemes so that you can match your iPod to your pants**. Or you can tell Tarquin, your interior designer, EXACTLY what shade of Tuscan Aubergine you want for the pedestal mat in the bathroom.

*Eh? Perhaps I am being thick - I frequently am, you know...
**This is a lie.

Product Page[Koloroo via MacNN]

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I have my own built in tipping scale. It starts at 20% of the bill. If the wait-person does everything they are supposed to do and makes me feel like I am welcome then the full 20% is theirs. If they make any minor mistakes then it goes down to 15%. If they make some big mistakes then they'll be lucky to get 10 and if they bug the shit out of me and annoy me then they get a big fat zero.

I think that is the way it should be. They should not just expect a tip. There should be some incentive for them to earn it.