Illustration for article titled Komfort Pets Climate Controlled Crate Keeps K9 Cool (or Warm)

Dogs and cats everywhere rejoice! No longer will you be relegated to sit and bake in the backseat of the car. Instead, the Komfort Pets Carrier automatically will cool you off once your crate breaks 72 degrees. Conversely, if it goes below 65 degrees, on goes the heat to keep you from turning into a pup-sicle. Keeping your pet comfortable is going to cost you, as the smallest crate (19-inch X 13-inch) will run you a steep $399, and a medium or large sized crate will be coming out later this year. Personally, I think I'll just go try and find that kid from


last year's American Inventor who made the solar-powered pet fan that sits in your cars window. [Product Page via Washington Post]

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