Kung fu Gecko will kick your ass first, ask questions later

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Ah, geckos. So cute. So harmless. So unassuming. Or maybe that's just what they want us to think.

This photo is from a series by Indonesian photographer Shikhei Goh that features geckos doing what I can only assume they get up to when we humans aren't huddled around their tanks, pleading with them to come out from under their fake decorative cage-logs: dancing, ice-skating, walking around nonchalantly, and practicing martial arts.

"These are my geckos and I buy them from a pet shop in my town," explains Goh. "They are from Pakistan originally as a species and they are great pets, very colourful and very good at posing up for our pictures."


"I wanted to break out of the mould of traditional insect and flower macro photography."

Seems to me like he's done a pretty good job.

[Spotted on The Telegraph]
Photographs by Shikhei Goh via

"Ice skating"


"Kungfu gecko"


"Cha-cha dancing"