Illustration for article titled Kutaragi Plans New PlayStation 4, 5 and 6 on His Own, Rest of the World Looks the Other Way

Former PlayStation Big Kahuna Ken Kutaragi has finally left the company. However, instead of going home to fish, play Wii or pinch bonsais, he plans to keep contact with Sony, helping them to cut costs on the PS3 after making it so expensive himself. He says he also will advise them on the next versions, while at the same time working "with a much wider world."

"As a matter of course, I have the vision of PlayStation 4, 5 and 6, which will merge into the network."


I also have a vision about Kutaragi-san. It involves rubber chickens, a bathtub full of tar, five bags of marshmallows and a Blu-ray laser on overdrive. Must be the same LSD on my cornflakes.

Kutaragi hints PlayStation 4 plans [CVG]


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