Kylo Ren Faces His Greatest Test in Yet Another New Star Wars: The Force Awakens TV Spot

Yes, you’re about as surprised as I am—there’s even more new footage from The Force Awakens in this new TV spot, just posted by the Star Wars Movies Facebook page. It features Kylo Ren, amazing X-Wing dogfights, and the follow-up to a line of dialogue we heard a year ago (almost to the day) in the very first teaser trailer.


You can check out the latest in a sudden, surprisingly long line of TV spots below:

So what’s new hidden among these snippets? Well, that massive shot of the First Order army on Starkiller Base gets a heavy dose of red flaring, as they (presumably) test the fully-armed-and-operational battle... err, planet:

The huge ground battle on the forest planet—presumably called Takodana, since an upcoming Lego set names it as a pivotal battle location in the film—gets a little more footage, too. Han and Chewie emerge out of some rubble, and the way the spot is cut, it makes it look like Han saves Finn’s bacon from that rad stun-baton Stormtrooper after they duke it out Lightsaber-to-stun baton:

Poor, ballsy Stormie. We hardly knew ye.

Last of all, there’s some truly glorious dogfighting action, as Poe Dameron basically tells every Resistance pilot under his command “SCREW IT, TEAR SHIT UP”:


And tear up they do. The dogfights in this movie are already looking insane.

Aside from that, it’s mainly the dialogue that’s new and exciting. It turns out the awakening we heard about all that time ago is something Supreme Leader Snoke and Kylo Ren have felt—and considering it’s a “test” to them, it’s presumably something to do with the Light side of the Force. The re-emergence of Luke’s lightsaber? The “awakening” of a new force sensitive? We still don’t know, but it’s nice to hear the rest of a conversation we heard the very first time we saw footage from The Force Awakens.


You know, it’s kind of amazing that, despite J.J. Abrams’ insistence that the first “full” trailer for the film released last month would be the last new footage we saw of The Force Awakens before the movie released, we’ve had so many snippets of footage in TV spots and international trailers since. You could probably assemble a whole new trailer out of them.

To be honest, we’re probably a bit too excited to mind, really. This looks fantastic.


Star Wars: The Force Awakens hits theaters December 18th.



Rule No. 1. Don’t stick your cool new anti-lightsaber baton into a power outlet!

Well. I guess he was hit by a blaster after he had Finn down. He’s not really effective with the lightsaber at any point of the movie, is he? :)