Lab Rat: HairMax Laser Comb Week 4—Scalp Looks the Same

Okay, so it's been four full weeks since I started using the HairMax laser comb to, uh, buff up my hair. Since the last video, I haven't noticed any difference, but next week is the big week. Week 5-6 is when the manual says I will notice a difference. I'll let you guys be the judge of that when we post our video next Friday. Meanwhile, Dan Costa over at Gear Log has put his noggin' on the line too. He's on week 2 of his HairMax adventure. Good luck, bro! If we both fail, we'll duct-tape both combs and create an uber-laser comb.


Lab Rat Week 1 [Gizmodo]
Lab Rat Week 2 [Gizmodo]
My Head on HairMax [Gear Log]

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