LaCie Debuts 8TB 4big Quadra Bundles Including a 32TB RAID

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LaCie's new series of RAID bundles include an 8TB model of the 4big Quadra, which is actually just two 4TB hard drives put together.

The 8TB model joins the 4big Quadra series—a 4-bay RAID solution that features swappable disks and seven RAID modes—that boasts transfer speeds up to 700MB/s and capacities as big as 32TB. The hard drives with higher capacities, like the 8TB, are also just bundles of smaller drives placed together.


Available in the May and starting at $1,199, the 8TB LaCie 4big Quadra Bundle will include two 4TB 4big Quadras, an eSATA II PCI Express Card and 4 ports. The 16TB and 32TB—besides having higher capacities—come with everything the 8TB bundle contains, as well as LaCie Rescue Kits, which consists of spare hard disks and power supplies. [Lacie via Engadget]

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I know this gets mentioned from time to time, but I think it bears repeating. Why buy such an expensive system, when you can just build your own rack server architecture. You get more flexibility at a much cheaper cost, and I'll eat my keyboard if you can get the 32TB version for $1200 as some of the other commenters have stated.