The Skinny Whether they're hooked up to your laptop or your desktop, LaCie's new angelic-white speakers are bound to draw oohs and ahhhs from onlookers. They're tiny, so they won't take up a lot of space and though they won't rival a full-fledged 2.1 system, they do a solid job of pumping out your tunes in a small room.

Geared Toward You've either got an iMac or plan on getting Sony's new TP1.


The Spin Maybe we played one too many games of Super Mario when we were young, but LaCie's speakers remind us of the fat plumber's favorite past time, those infamous warp pipes. Except of course they're not green.

Counterspin Because the speakers are powered directly from your PC's FireWire port, you may not wanna rely on them the next time you buy a keg and gather your friends.

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Buy It If... You're tight for space, hate the generic speakers that came with your PC, don't wanna spend over $100 on your next pair of speakers, or if you love Super Mario Bros.