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Sony's new VAIO may look like a Roomba, but don't let this PC's spherical shape fool you. The TP1 was designed to replace that giant tower lurking underneath your desk and despite it's small footprint, it packs more than enough power for your daily needs (unless of course you're a serious gamer). Tucked neatly among the TP1's rear panel is an...


HDMI port (cable included) that lets you connect the TP1 to your flat-panel TV. Up front you'll find a DVD burner (if you're looking for a PC with a Blu-ray drive, you're better off with the XL3), a memory card slot (supporting CompactFlash and Sony's Memory Stick media), and all your basic PC inputs like a USB port and headphone jack.

The TP1 also comes with built-in Wi-Fi and Windows Vista Home Premium. You even get a matching wireless keyboard that lets you browse the Web from your couch, thanks to the keyboard's laptop-like touchpad. Overall it's a nice package, especially if you're tight on space. It'll be out in March for $1,600.


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