Land of the Free?

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Someone should make T-shirts with this image and sell them at airports. With a TSA logo on the back. Update: The author of the graphic tells me that he's indeed making t-shirts with this image. [David Vincent Wolf]



here are my two cents about this TSA issue:

1) so many people complaining do not offer any viable alternative solutions. the TSA is stuck between a rock (an impossible mandate from congress) and a hard place (trying to carry out this mandate). It's like the whole gulf oil spill: people can complain about the cleanup, and we saw some of the ridiculous suggestions people brought up.

2) my wife brought this up: for those complaining, ask if they're willing to go into a plane filled 100% with people who were not screened. would they hop on that plane considering the higher security level we're at now?

but my main thing is #1 above. sure, don't get your junk handled, but come up with another solution that will help keep us safe in the skies.