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At first we thought this Language Line Phone was able to electronically interpret languages in real time. No, there's no practical real-time electronic interpreter yet, but until that day comes, the Language Line Phone can still get the job done by connecting to Language Line Services, a company with human interpreters standing by.

The Language Line Phone works in a situation where someone is standing next to you, and you need to speak with that person but neither of you speaks the other's language. This phone lets you hold one handset and talk to the interpreter, and the person with whom you'd like to converse holds the other handset and hears the interpreter translating what you've said. Sure, you could do this by handing one handset back and forth, but then the company says that wouldn't be hygienic.


Anyway, all you pay is the monthly maintenance fee of $3 for the phone. Oh yeah, and then there's that pay-as-you-go charge of $3.95 per minute for the interpreter. Almost forgot about that.

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