Laptop Mag Reviews Netgear HD EVA8000: More Features Than Apple TV, Chokes on HD

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Not an Apple fanboy? The folks at Laptop mag checked out Netgear's Digital Entertainer HD, which does everything Apple TV can do (except stream iTunes-purchased media) plus a little more. So what did they like. Well, for starters, the EVA8000 supports tons of formats like MP4, XviD, Windows Media, and even purchased movies from CinemaNow and Movielink. You can also play files locally via the unit's USB port. So far so good, right. So where did things go wrong?


Hint: HD fans will be disappointed...

You see, the device doesn't support 802.11n, so streaming HD on a g-based network led to videos that stuttered and tripped over themselves. Unless you go wired, you're better off staying away from HD, which is a shame considering the unit supports 1080p.


Otherwise the device can get RSS news, YouTube videos, check e-mail, and even stream your PC's desktop straight to your TV (you use the remote as your keyboard/mouse). The EVA8000 looks like a decent alternative to Apple TV if you plan on staying away from HD. Otherwise, you might wanna wait for D-Link's MediaLounge when that comes out this summer, which will be like a souped up DSM-510.

Netgear Digital Entertainer HD EVA8000 [Laptop Mag]

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Macgyver: Granted, for you, that is a benefit to the Apple TV. For many of the rest of us that's one of the features that makes the Apple TV a non-viable option. Data has to sync with it to be played, which takes time and isn't remotely as convenient, especially with only a 40GB hard drive. So while that does benefit some, it's one of the main reasons I would never consider one. That and the fact that I don't allow iTunes on my computer.