Largest Lite-Brite Board Is Also a Massive 9/11 Tribute

Most 9/11 tributes don't involve a toy you last played with as a kid, but artist Rob Surette wanted to stand out from the crowd. Enter the Lite-Brite pegs, and a canvas measuring 20 x 10 feet and weighing 1,750lbs.

Exactly 504,000 pegs were plugged into the glowing board—pegs of different colors, to denote people of different races. The previous record-breaker had plugged in a measly 374,004 pegs for her big shoe picture, and lest anyone think Surette topped her from her pedestal deliberately, he apparently apologized for doing so. What a man—taking his tribute's message of peace personally. [Patch via Oddity Central via Geekosystem]

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