Larry Page Sounds Very Sick and Bad

Internet deity and Google co-founder Larry Page was just speaking live to investors for Google's quarterly earnings call, and he sounds horrible. What the hell is going on here?


Page's throat problems aren't new. Back in July of last year, he had to sit out from Google events, because as a Google spokesperson put it, "Larry has lost his voice." We can only speculate about what the real problem is (maybe it's muscle tension dysphonia, or vocal nodes). The 39-year-old has made public speaking appearances since then, including this Q&A session from October in which Page talks with a muffled, but not alarming tone. Compare that to footage of Page speaking on Capitol Hill. It's like a different man.

But it's much, much worse today—he sounds like he sprinted to the earnings call, forced to take short breaths between words, depleted and unwell. Maybe it's the result of surgery (again, speculation), but it's absolutely not the way you want the CEO of a company you're invested in to sound.

Would Page (and Google) lie about his health? Worries about misleading investors never stopped Steve Jobs and Apple.

We hope Larry's doing better than he sounds.



Well when you have that much money, laughing all the way to the bank would probably wear your voice out pretty quick.