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Last Night's Legends of Tomorrow Dropped the Biggest Easter Egg You've Ever Seen

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

If you haven’t been watching Legends of Tomorrow this season, you need to know: The big goofy show is bigger and goofier than ever, with fun homages to E.T. and a whole slew of dystopic scifi properties. But last night’s episode ended with maybe the most memorable Easter egg ever dropped on an Arrowverse show.


As a reminder, the Legends broke time late last season, and have spent this season hopping from year to year trying to clean up their messes. Those missions have included pulling Julius Caesar out of a fratty beach party and stopping baby Ray from befriending a baby Dominator.

This week the crew found themselves in 1937 Hollywood tracking down a time-displaced Helen of Troy. Helen, a daughter of Leda and Zeus in the form of a swan, is often portrayed as a woman with supernatural good looks. On Legends, she’s shown as a winsome blond, and she has every man staring. Naturally she’s a movie star, but her stardom comes at a cost. She steals the roles meant, historically, for Hedy Lamarr, and Larmarr’s struggles in obscurity mean that her other significant contribution to society—the science that serves as the foundation for all wireless tech used today—can’t come to fruition.


In between body-swaps and Golden Age parties, the Legends manage to fix things and new crew member Zari convinces Helen it’s time to go back to where she belongs. But instead of returning her to the Trojan War, where she’d watch her new family be slaughtered by her old one and forever be known as the woman who tore the world apart, they bring her to a big island full of other Grecian woman. Look familiar?

It’s Themyscira, the island where Wonder Woman grew up. That means Themyscira exists in the world of Legends of Tomorrow. It also means that Amazons exist. That’s a huge Easter egg.

As for whether Diana, or any other version of Wonder Woman, actually exists in the Arrowverse, we’ll have to wait and see. The show’s made nods to other big DC characters in the past. Earlier this season, Arrow mentioned Bruce Wayne, and in season two it included a brief sound bite from Harley Quinn. Superman is actually a recurring character on Supergirl. So the eventual arrival of the best part of DC’s Trinity isn’t out of the question, but I wouldn’t start fan casting just yet.


Assorted musings

  • As noted by our sister site, AV Club, it’s a little ironic that the big ra-ra feminism episode comes on the heel of the suspension of Legends’ show runner for sexual harassment.
  • This isn’t the first time Helen has missed a chunk of the Trojan War. In Euripides’ play, Helen, she’s stranded in Egypt and the war is fought over a cloud in her shape.
  • Body swaps are always good, and the swap of Stein and Jax was exceptional.
  • Sara will be spending all next week in a coma, presumably because actress Caity Lotz is needed for shooting the big four-part DC/CW crossover event coming at the end of the month. Look hard and you’ll notice big chunks of the cast of Supergirl, Arrow, and The Flash were off screen more than usual on their respective shows, too.