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Apple Touchscreen Patent Documentation


Yeah because that's going to be great to watch video on when your slimy, oily fingers and smudged up the screen! Unless they figure out a way to make the screen self-cleaning, I remain skeptical."

HBO Wants No Recording of Shows Ever


Oh my god! HBO has lost their freaking mind! Who do they think they are...HBO!

Super-Luxury Vacations Aboard Airborne Cruise Ships?


I wonder if the restaurant will feature a Hindenburger?

Wireless HDMI from Radiospire


You know a project is close to being finished when they only show you a 3D image of it.

Tuning Fork: Legislating Television


"Awwwwe maaaaanNNnnnn! I don't have cable or satellite....that's right folks....I AM the guy your cousin's roommate's-brother's-buddy's-aunt told you about; i am the last guy in America still watching analog (that's broadcast TV watched with the rabbit-ear-thingies for you youngsters) TV.
I hope i get a chunk of that 10billion (probably a huge chunk since I'm the only one with the antenna) that'd be sweet!!!
BTW: i use dial-up for halo 80( "

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