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Some members of the Gizmodo team have flown on the Goodyear blimp, and marvel at that thrill of standing on a platform in the air. Now blimp maker Worldwide Aeros Corporation says it plans to offer that experience to paying customers by 2010. It has teamed up with hospitality and leisure firm WATG in an agreement to create a new class of super-luxury blimps that will function as airborne cruise ships and fly long-range routes across oceans. Inside its one-acre cabin will be restaurants, a casino, and lots of fancy hotel rooms. The company says these new airship resorts will have living quarters that rival the luxury cabins of the great ocean liners, and will also be packed to the gills with technological amenities. The concept ship is planned to be over 600 feet long with a top speed of 174 miles an hour.

Designer WATG is no stranger to high style and forward-looking design—the company had a hand in the design of the Venetian Hotel and Resort in Las Vegas among many others, and has forward-looking plans for an undersea hotel, and even a space resort. These are some big ideas, but you won't be able to make a reservation for any of these pie-in-the-sky schemes just yet. And didn't they try this before? Something about New Jersey?


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