Lazy Drinker Programmable Drink Mixer

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With summer right around the corner, many people are starting to fantasize about days spent poolside (or, we suppose, computerside) with nothing more than a drink in hand trying not to get burned by heaven's unfeeling eye. Why not fix up that drink with the Lazy Drinker, a programmable drink mixer that makes whipping up your favorite drinks a breeze?

It holds up to 16 bottles as well as ice, but you'll also need to supply your own CO2 bottle (and PC or Mac, of course.) You connect the Lazy Drinker to your computer and the software handles the rest. You can either choose from a list of pre-existing drinks or you can risk the well being of friends and family by concocting a drink of your own design. In either event, the Lazy Drinker gets to it and mixes the drink like a pro—a cold, heartless, robotic pro.


The Lazy Drinker's $750, but who can put a price on freshly-minted robo-Mojito?

Product Page [LazyDrinker via Coolest-Gadgets]

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