Lazy? Have Internet Traffic Cop Unplug The Net For You

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I fail to see how this device is a cop or police officer in any way, but hey, whatever. The Internet Traffic Cop is a device that is powered via USB or AC adapter. You plug your broadband connection into it and then run it out into your PC. So what amazing thing does the Internet Traffic Cop made by BFG Technologies do? It stops the net with the push of a button! Yes! Instead of getting off the sofa and unplugging an Ethernet cable, you can just hit a button. Your index finger and thumb shall suffer no more. It retails for a whopping $50, too. So if you're lazy as hell and have a ton of money to blow on worthless shit, this is the gift to get someone this holiday.

Internet Traffic Cop Gadget [I4U]

Product Page [Comp USA]


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