LCD-Equipped Hot Tub Goes for the Subtle Luxuries

Illustration for article titled LCD-Equipped Hot Tub Goes for the Subtle Luxuries

We've certainly seen some ludicrous hot tubs with gigantic TVs attached before, but this "Extreme Spa" seems to be gunning for nuance rather than hitting you over the head with a gigantic screen. It's got a modest 17-inch LCD screen installed which is connected to a Sony sound system, Boss controls, and a DVD player. It also has such niceties as a towel warmer, LED-equipped headrests, and fancy underwater lights. Sure, there's no 60-inch TV attached, but come on, that wouldn't even be that cool. Although for $16,000, you might expect something that over-the-top. [Product Page via Crave]


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Are they trying to turn me into a prune? because this would do it.

Also, I could be mistaken, but it looks like the most comfortable seat (the lounger) is in the corner on the same side as the LCD screen facing away from it. Are they trying to give me a crick in my neck? because that would do it.