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LEAK: Dell's 7 and 10-inch Streak Tablets

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

Dell's latest Android tablet designs, now named "Streak," are much different—much more iPad like—than the Mini 5 we saw a few months back at CES.


That's not necessarily a bad thing at all.

The Mini 5 used to look (and may still look) like an oversized Android handset. But now, the newly leaked Dell Streak 7 and 10 appear to be nearly indistinguishable from the iPad's bezeled-but-grippable LCD in a frame design—at least from a head-on view. It will be interesting to see if and when the Streak 5 will see the same redesign.


According to documents acquired by Engadget, the Streak 5 will be available this summer, the Streak 7 will be available later this year and the Streak 10 is looking at 2011. I was impressed by Dell's work with the Mini 5. Let's hope this redesign only makes the line better. The world needs a fantastic Android tablet. [Engadget]