First Hands-On and Video: Dell Mini 5 Android Slate

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Yesterday, we saw Dell's Slate concept for the first time. Today, we got to actually play with it. And it's called the Mini 5.

(Btw, if you want to read yesterday's stories on the slate, check here.)


Specs that we know: custom Android, SIM (it makes calls), Wi-Fi, Bluetooth. And the 5-inch screen supports full multitouch.

In your hand, it's very light and comfortable to use. The screen is responsive, and Dell's icon interface makes for intuitive presentation of Android.


It feels a bit more like plastic than, say, the iPod touch. But it was perfectly solid from what we could tell. Making a phone call turns the Mini 5 into a gigantic phone, almost like a handset out of a Carrot Top routine, but Dell expects most consumers will opt to use a headset.

The unexpectedly awesome feature? The 5MP camera. The Dell Mini 5 has a 5-inch screen, and your subject fills the entire frame. It's an oddly satisfying implementation of a camera, in a super sizing kind of way.


My model wasn't connected to the web, so I didn't get to test the browser. And my hands-on time was more than limited (and frankly, a bit frantic), so I can't really speak sincerely on much else.

But let me say this: I like the Mini 5. And I dare say that Dell's software—their version of Android onboard—may be equally or more impressive than the hardware itself. I'm not sure I have a need for this or any 5-inch tablet, but you know what? I'm going to give em a shot all the same.