Leaked 2009 Roadmap of Sprint's 4G WiMax Rollout

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Engadget stumbled on what appears to be Sprint's WiMax roadmap for the rest of 2009, and it's an odd mix of major and minor cities—with some notable exceptions, especially New York City and San Francisco.

The third quarter looks like mostly little cities and towns, with WiMax only coming to some more major cities (Philly, Chicago, Dallas/Ft. Worth) toward the end of 2009. Still absent from the list are NYC, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Houston, Phoenix, and Washington, DC, among many others, but those are rumored to show up next year. It's good to see Sprint's plan for 4G coverage really moving forward, and here's hoping they can stick to this schedule (and maybe bump San Francisco up to this year? Please?). [Engadget]