Leaked Controller Suggests Amazon's Set-Top-Box Will Be a Gaming Machine

Zatz Not Funny just posted images of an Amazon-branded gaming controller that supposedly found its way to the world through an overseas regulatory agency. If real, the controller suggests that Amazon could be planning to use gaming to differentiate its long-rumored set-top-box from the Apple TVs and Rokus of the world.


Following the success of Android-based gaming boxes like Mad Catz's Mojo Micro Console and Ouya, Amazon's offering here would seem to make sense. Mobile operating systems and today's burly multi-core chipsets have proved a more than suitable platform for serious gaming. That's part of the reason that people expect the overhauled Apple TV to come with at least an optional controller.

As for this little piece of hardware, the matte black finish certainly feels Amazon-y, and the Android-like buttons also make sense. We can't say for sure these images are real but if a Prime-powered Kindle-box (or whatever) is coming, seems like it would be a nice touch. [Zatz Not Funny]

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