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Leaked Demo Videos Show HTC's New Flagship Phone Up Close and In Action

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

We already had a pretty good idea what HTC's next flagship smartphone is going to look like (Spoiler alert: a lot like it's last flagship). But now, demo videos have leaked, on top of everything else. You can bet this is the real thing.


There's are three videos in all. One (oddly vertical) clip gives a general overview of the phone, teasing its two-toned metal chassis, a couple of apps, some custom widgets and more. Two additional clips focus on specifics: A new theme-creator app and the camera.

HTC's new Themes app seems to be a slick, user friendly way to dress up your home screen: take a picture for the background, select icon style and pick out a color scheme that looks to be compiled from the hue of your background image. It's neat, but it's a convenience app, at best.

The revised camera, on the other hand, might get your attention: HTC seems to have banished its Ultrapixel technology to the M9's front-facing camera (for "better selfies in low light," according to the video). The main camera? It's powered it's an old-fashioned 20 megapixel shooter with a fancy new photo editing app. Ever wanted to embed one picture inside the hair of a person in another picture? Neither have we, but now you can.


There's also a peek at HTC's new Sense Home Widget, which offers users different apps based on their location and a new BlinkFeed features that offers restaurant suggestions when you're hungry. Check out all three videos above and below, but get 'em while they're hot: The original leaker @UpLeaks seems to have removed the videos and deleted his account. Fortunately for us, nothing is ever truly deleted from the internet, just relocated.

HTC is expected to unveil the new One for real at Mobile World Congress next week. [SlashGear]