Leaked Images Show Off What Might Be Samsung's Galaxy Note 5

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Samsung’s Galaxy S and Galaxy Note smartphones have always been two peas in a pod, always mimicking each others’s design and/or software. And if these leaked schematics are any indication of what to expect from Samsung this September, it looks like the tradition will continue.


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This leak, posted by @onleaks (who has a pretty reliable track record for the truth), is reportedly a schematic of the final Note 5. With that being said, all leaks—and especially ones that can be altered with a click of a mouse—should be met with a healthy does of skepticism. However, earlier images supposedly of the new Note 5, such as the design of the bottom speaker grill, match these designs, so there may be more truth here than fiction.

This Note 5 retains a similar design to the Galaxy S6 Edge, but instead of sloping the display, Samsung reversed the curve making the rounded edges against your hand. That’s a good thing because the Edge’s ergonomics was one big flaw against an otherwise remarkable smartphone.

There’s also no indication of a removable back—just a microSIM card slot. That also makes sense since the S6 was the first Samsung smartphone to ditch the (some would say) antiquated feature of removable batteries and storage earlier this year. SamMobile agrees that the Note 5 will most likely see the end of MicrosSD expansion due to the unmatchable speeds of UFS 2.0 (universal flash storage).

The only other head scratcher is the reasonably strong rumors that Samsung is toiling away on a 5.7-inch variant of the S6 called the S6 Plus, which seems like it would be directly compete with the upcoming Note (minus the neat stylus).

Obviously, there’s a lot of questions that need answering, and we won’t really know until the new Note debuts at IFA in Berlin this fall. But hey, it’s fun to think about.


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No one would say that removable storage on a phone is antiquated. When the price difference between two storage options of the same phone are $100, and the cost of a microSD card of that storage difference is a fraction of that, it’s still hard to swallow the thought of losing such a useful feature.