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Leaked Lenovo Windows 8 Tablet Could Also Hint at What's Inside Surface

Illustration for article titled Leaked Lenovo Windows 8 Tablet Could Also Hint at Whats Inside Surface

Microsoft Surface is one of the most exciting products we've heard about in a long time, but for everything the company did to whet our appetite, it left us with plenty of questions about the tablet's guts, too. Tech In 5 has obtained what appear to be leaked slides detailing the forthcoming Lenovo "Windows 8 ThinkPad Tabet 2." Could this be our first look at what Surface and its competition will look like inside?


Even though Lenovo goes to pains to compare the Windows 8 ThinkPad Tablet to an iPad, its real competition will be Microsoft Surface. In particular, it's interesting to hear about the tablet's chipset. It packs an Intel Cloverview Dual Core Atom processor. Atom processors are notorious battery killers, but Lenovo seems to think that it can get 10 hours out of the tablet.

Illustration for article titled Leaked Lenovo Windows 8 Tablet Could Also Hint at Whats Inside Surface

What else? The 10.1-inch tablet is 9.8mm thick (slightly more than the 9.3mm Surface) and weighs 24 ounces (the same). The screen has 1366 x 768 resolution, which is slightly higher than 720p but lower than Surface's 1080p display. It's got 2GB of memory, built-in stereo speakers, an HD front-facing camera, NFC, and, why not, a fingerprint reader.

There's no word on when this tablet might ship or what it'll cost, but reason says you can expect it shortly after Windows 8 is released at the end of October. [Neowin via Techin5]

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Here's what's NOT in a Windows tablet....all of your Windows 7 applications.

The one thing that has not been covered by Gizmodo (or anyone else) is that the Win8 tablets run the WinRT API. They do NOT have the Win32 API. That means that every app that you currently run on your Windows desktop (XP, Vista or 7) will NOT run on windows 8 tablets without a rewrite (or at least a recompile and re-release) by the software manufacturer.

Everyone dreaming of running their current, favorite apps on Win8 will be sorely disappointed when they unwrap that rascal and try installing their current applications.

This will be yet another image disaster for Microsoft. They are not telling people this ahead of the release because it will soften sales. But, not telling people will just result in another Microsoft bungling of its image.

Even with a rewrite (or recompile and re-release) some of those apps still won't run on Win8 tablets. Why? Because the WinRT API is not as robust as the Win32 API. You can't write applications for a Win8 tablet to do all of the things that you can on Windows 7.

Oddly enough, the Win8 desktop still has the Win32 API. So, you will be able to run most of your current software library on a Win8 desktop.

What does all of this mean? It means that Microsoft has lied again. Win8 Phone/Tablet is NOT equal to Win8 desktop.

If you had dreams of running all of your current software on your new Win8 desktop, phone and tablet.....well, you can wake up now.