Leather Armor For Stormtroopers Who Prefer Harleys Over Speederbikes

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If you're going to the trouble of getting yourself a set of Stormtrooper armor, it might as well be practical right? So instead of flimsy moulded plastic, these suits are made from genuine leather protecting motorcyclists from road rash.

Interestingly enough the grade-A cowhide leather is moulded just like the plastic typically used for Stormtrooper armor, ensuring that all of the angular detailing on the torso, midsection and legs are perfectly replicated. The various components are adjustable too, allowing the suit to be customized to different body fits, while necessary details like a front zipper have been cleverly hidden to help sell the effect.


Available in Shadow Trooper Black or Imperial White colors, only 500 of the suits will be produced with a complete outfit setting you back somewhere in the neighborhood of $1,150. Just be aware that those matching Stormtrooper helmets are not designed for safety. You've seen how poorly they protect troopers in the Star Wars movies, so make sure you opt for a real helmet instead. [UD Replicas via Chip Chick]