LED Broom Lamp Sweeps Away the Darkness of Your Home

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If you're into unusual accent lighting, you're not going to find anything more unique than Pēteris Zilbers and Mārtiņš Straupe's Mood Broom which illuminates a room with a strip of color-changing LEDs running down the handle.

It's designed to be leaned against a wall like it was abandoned by a janitor who went off to take a coffee break, but ironically the broom portion of the lamp doesn't actually work. The bristles at the bottom are completely fake. And in the same way a little spring cleaning can help brighten the mood in a room, with its wireless remote the lamp's LEDs can be cycled through a full palette of colors to set the mood.


We're not sure where exactly you can buy the lamp, but since it's listed as being available in either a black or white finish we're assuming its creators will be happy to take your money. And hey, while it might make for an odd lighting fixture, it's considerably more stylish than that flashlight we taped to a dustbuster. [Pēteris Zilbers Design via Inhabitat]