LED Clock Gives You That Timeless Sinking Feeling

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The Sinking Clock by master clockist Ross McBride depicts a certain fatalistic and pathetic mindset whose pessimism is not necessarily representative of your humble Gizmodo narrators, but appreciated by all nonetheless. It's as if the poor thing was flung down onto a desktop and permanently embedded therein. Alas, it's just a design concept. Somebody build one of these so we can revel in its existential nothingness.


Now a request for Ross: draft a concept just like this one, except instead of an LED alarm clock slammed into a tabletop, make it look just like a Motorola Q half-buried in a brick wall. Then in late June (or maybe later), we'll actually construct one for you in a jiffy, just in time for the iPhone.

Design Page [Normal Design, via Oh Gizmo]

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Or or or! What if, instead of being all gloomy-gus pessimisticos, what if instead you looked at it as if the clock was emerging from the surface it was sitting on? You know, like a zombie hand thrust through the topsoil as it crawls out of the grave or one of the chest-bursters from Alien? Oh, wait...