If you've ever read the newspaper in a library or a coffee shop, you've probably used those long wooden holders that help make them slightly easier to wrangle without tearing the pages and impossible to pilfer. But an ad agency in Switzerland found a way to make them even more useful with invisible LED news tickers that enhance the day-old papers with the latest headlines.


Created as a promotional stunt to show the advantages of the paper's alternate digital formats, the wooden holders feature integrated and completely hidden wireless hardware that accesses the Neue Zürcher Zeitung's RSS feed. There's also a set of invisible LEDs that suddenly appear when they light up and scroll the latest news and headlines.


Most of us are already aware of the near-instant turnaround time of a digital news format (you're reading a website, after all) but there's still a generation of people who seem to prefer reading yesterday's new printed on thin sheets of paper. And hopefully this stunt will help convert at least a few of them. [Vimeo via PSFK]

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