LED Tetris: Better Than Plain Tetris

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Sparkfun's LED Tetris is the first creative incarnation of the game that we've seen in a long time. It's completely hands-on, with each of the 240 spots on the grid acting as both a light and a button. If you want the piece to move, you click to the left or right of it on the grid. And somehow Tetris becomes even more intuitive.


Each button is backlit by three LEDs (RGB) for a near endless array of possible colors only limited by programming and the processing power of the 16 microcontrollers. Remember that ugly Windows version you used to play? We're ashamed, too.

Hit the jump for video of the product that Sparkfun now needs to actually put on the market.

The LEDs are so bright that they are blowing out the video and maybe even bleeding into other cells. Nice.

Product Page [via technabob]



I'm hoping it's just the video quality that's making it look like the lights are bleeding into other cells.

The guy whose playing it sucks. =P