LEDs Move Closer to World Domination, Now Embedded in a Knife

Let's put LEDs on everything, including this Buck Metro LED Knife, so you can see what you're slicing into even in the dead of night. It has a 2.5-inch stainless steel blade, and you're sure not to drain those two lithium batteries inside because the LED light has a three-minute auto shutoff.

What's next to get the LED treatment? An ice cream scooper? Hey, wait. Hmm. One more pic showing the knife with its blade open and closed, after the jump.


This little weapon reminds us of those assault rifles with a high-beam flashlight lashed onto the top. It has a key ring loop so you can always keep it handy, but be sure not to take it on that next plane trip—could be your ticket to a bend-over appointment in the strip-search room.

Product Page [ThinkGeek]

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