Lego Announces Plans to Educate Underprivileged Kids in Pakistan

Lego launched its first store in Karachi this past June, to the delight of children and the die-hard Pakistani Adult Fans of Lego community. But that wasn't enough for the Danish toy company, so they doubled down. This past week the Danish embassy announced their support of Lego education programs across the country.

Lego stated they intend to do more than just inspire creativity in children and young people, the company also wants to serve a "higher purpose" by implementing its learning and education programs in local schools across Pakistan:

"Children are our role models. They reinvent the world and themselves in it over and over again, surprising themselves and others in what they can create and do. In Pakistan, there is a great need to meet the UN Millennium Development Goals, especially within education. As we seek to expand our operations in Pakistan, we want to make our contribution by setting up educational institutes across the country. These institutes will deliver teacher-tested, classroom-ready solutions for engaging and inspiring young learners and combine the unique, inspiring qualities of LEGO bricks with subject-specific tools and curricula so classroom teachers can meet key learning objectives.” -Bilal Saleem, CEO, Lego Pakistan


Ambassador Sorenson confirmed that he is in talks with Lego to determine how best to provide educational support programs for Pakistan:

"It is not only a great platform to enhance the trade relations between our two countries, but also a great support to our current and future development programme, which has a strong focus on providing quality education to underprivileged children in Pakistan."

And there you have it. Lego proving once again, their utter awesomeness. Your move, Hasbro. [Daily Times]


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