LEGO Batman PS2 Bundle Comes With Game and Justice League: New Frontiers for $149 (But No Bat Logo)

Illustration for article titled LEGO Batman PS2 Bundle Comes With Game and emJustice League: New Frontiers/em for $149 (But No Bat Logo)

Coming this Fall to North America is the LEGO Batman PS2 bundle, which includes the LEGO Batman game and the Justice League: New Frontiers flick for $149. I would buy this machine if it had a Batman logo on it, especially if it was released in the next two days as my Batman slobbering becomes fully torrential leading up to Thursday night. Still, not too bad.


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@zed0: They didn't because the Xbox wasn't as big as the PS2.

They concentrated their efforts on the 360, and getting the installed base that the Xbox couldn't get. With the 360, they were able to steal a ton of PS2 owners who wanted a robust online gaming experience and they are doing pretty well.