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Lego Camera, MP3 Player, Walkie-Talkie Sadly Not Made From Actual Legos

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

Kids love gadgets almost as much as they love Legos, so for the company to release a line of brick-infused cameras, MP3 players and walkie-talkies is just good business sense. But wait! There's a catch.

Despite the branding and look of the devices, which will be accompanied by a secondary line of larger items like boom boxes and alarm clocks, they aren't actually made of bricks, or at least ones that you can disassemble. It's obvious that a digital camera or MP3 player couldn't be completely or sturdily constructed out of Lego bricks, but to sell a Lego toy that can't be disassembled at all is just... out of order.


How about a camera with little detachable lenses? Throw in a brick-mount plastic fisheye and a gimmicky zoom lens and you've got yourself a neat little lomo with a Lego twist. Or what if the MP3 player is componentized, so that the storage unit disconnects for uploading, then seamlessly integrates into the player's body? Anything to make these toys something more than Lego-themed—and therefore at least a little fun—would have been just fine. [KidsTechReviewThanks, Brian!]