Lego Now Making Gadgets, Including a Stop Motion Video Camera

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No longer content to just have their notorious bricks serve as props, Lego are using their bricks for actual gadgets, including a digital camera, MP3 player, boombox, walkie-talkie and—my personal favorite-a stop motion video camera.

Dvice says the digital camera and the MP3 player were the only prototypes on display, which are limited both in function and technical prowess (1.3 megapixel sensor for the cam, 2 gigabytes of storage for the MP3 player). But it's the quirkiness of the stop motion cam that appeals to me. If you ever had a box full of Lego bricks and a video camera growing up, I suspect you've made some stop motion shorts in your time. Now, you can apply that same aesthetic to real world videos.


Lego plans to release the digital camera and MP3 player in the fall for $40 and $50, respectively. Who knows about the rest of the stuff—Lego didn't reveal many details on those. [Dvice]