Lego Super-8 Movie Projector Makes Me Wish Film Never Went Away

All praise Herr Friedemann Wachsmuth, for he has created a Super 8 movie projector using only Lego Technic, lens, reel spindles and a LED flashlight. Watch it in action. It's bloody brilliant.


The projector is not just a quick hack, but a full-featured machine, with 24 frames-per-second playback, automatic feeding and 120mm reel support. [Peaceman]



Well, technically film is still quite relevant for big budget movies, though it's definitely gone for home media. I actually have an old super 8mm camera, as well as a 16mm film projector, both of which are in fantastic condition. In fact, I just got done shooting a short film for one of my classes using an old Arriflex 16mm camera. Wonderful equipment.